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1. 29th Annual Users' Meeting (RAU)

The LNLS 29th Annual Users' Meeting (RAU) will take place from 5th to 7th of November 2019, at the CNPEM campus in Campinas, SP. This year RAU includes, in addition to the standard program, 6 satellite meetings and the first LNLS Users Committee Assembly.

The RAU meeting aims to gather the LNLS user community, encouraging the exchange of experiences and debates on future facilities, which shall be in operation in the coming years. It is an important forum for discussion, evaluation and presentation of proposals for the improvement of the research projects to be performed at the new Brazilian synchrotron light source, Sirius.

With the imminent commissioning of the Sirius source, which this year is expected to have the accelerators in full operation, the participation of the scientific community becomes essential to describe their needs and expectations for the new source. The RAU meeting is the ideal place to foster this debate.

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Fonte: Renan Picoreti Nakahara (CNPEM)

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