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TDR supports World Malaria Day - research on the rational use of drugs

25 April is a day to commemorate global efforts to control malaria. TDR is supporting research to help get the right treatments to the right people - what is technically called the rational use of drugs.

In this enews, we highlight 3 TDR research areas and a personal story about one more unnecessary child's death and what one volunteer did to help:

Getting antimalarials to those who need them most

WHO and its African regional office, with TDR, have been working with the pilot countries to develop operational and implementation research plans that will help get the drugs where they are needed most. More

How rapid diagnostic tests can increase management of childhood illness
When somebody has a fever in sub-Saharan Africa, the default diagnosis is almost always malaria. It turns out that in many cases, that diagnosis could be wrong. Malaria experts say that it is time to break away from old practices. More

Community approaches that can improve the rational use of antimalarials
Newly available tests that can diagnose malaria almost instantly can make a big difference and will help prevent the over diagnosis of malaria, according to a series of new studies by TDR. More

A personal account from a TDR staff member volunteering time in Mali
Le récit d'un membre du personnel de TDR en mission bénévole au Mali

Fonte: World Health Organization (WHO)

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